Francis Kai Brokering

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📜 Specs

Age 21 years old
citizenship Japan/U.S.
Fluent Languages Japanese, Englsih
Education University of California Santa Cruz
Major Computer Engineering
Goal Become a software engineer
Hobies Programming, Soccer, Workingout, Skiing
Fun Fact Played sumo for four years

👩🏽‍🚀 Self Introduction



Nice to meet you! My name is Francis Brokering. I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan and came to the United States when I was in my second year of high school. I am currently a student at the University of California Santa Cruz majoring in Computer Engineering with goals to one day become a software engineer.

🐳 My personality

What I am like

I consider myself to be an ambitious and diligent person, constantly challenging myself in order to deepen my knowledge whether that is related to academics or not. My peers often describe me as a friendly and open-minded person. I believe this to be the reason as to why I have been chosen to be in many leadership roles throughout my school years. I am also an adventurous person who loves to explore new things. My adventurous nature has allowed me to travel the world. I’ve been to four continents and keep in touch with people from all around the world.


⚽ What I Like Doing


When not studying, I'm...

When the coding part of my brain is resting, there are various activities I like to do to give myself a break. My love for music came from my late father. He taught me how to play jazz on the piano and classical music on the cello. Later I taught myself how to play the guitar and joined a rock band in college. I’ve also played soccer my whole life and love to work out when I have the chance to.

👀 Career Intrests

What I want to do from here on...

I am currently interested in computer graphics and drone technology. Most recently in my college experience, I decided to help the creative coding laboratory at my university to find a field where I could combine computer science with my creative side. I am particularly interested in VR/AR but have not yet gained enough skills to comfortably say that I want to be in this field. I have also been putting in effort towards learning more about the software aspect of drones. I have a three months internship at Rakuten this summer, where I would be working on drones and improving its software.