Experiences and Projects

Here are some of my work experiences and personal projects I've worked on.

NASA Ames Research Center Intern

Analyzed the drone industry supply chain and created a database for an Electronic Exchange Platform to connect OEMs and tiered suppliers. Our data was used by a team designing a search-and-rescue drone for the U.S. Coast Guard..

NASA Langley Research Center Intern

Assisted engineers at the Langley Research Center 3D design and manufacturing center. Helped create GSE test model for ACS3 solar sail CubeSat.

Building History with 3D Modeling

Researched local historical buildings and modeled our town using 3D CAD software. Imported models into Unity (a game engine) so that we could explore this world in virtual reality

Modified 3D printer

Modified a 3d printer by creating an enclosure, installing heat lamps and a liquid cooling system, and flashing the firmware in order to print Ultem (polyetherimide).